Xvive U4 In-Ear Monitor Wireless System

Enjoy the freedom on stage that in-ear monitors provide, with the Xvive Audio U4 wireless in-ear monitoring system. Connect a line-level monitor mix from a return on your stage snake (or from a mixer, music player or computer) to the U4 wireless transmitter, then connect your choice of headphones or in-ear monitors to the compact receiver. A large volume knob makes it easy to make volume adjustments without looking down at the receiver. And with five hours of battery life, over 90 feet of wireless range, and less than 5ms of latency, the Xvive Audio U4 in-ear monitoring system is perfect for single-channel applications in small venues.

Variants Available:

  • U4 - Single Transmitter and Single Receiver
  • U4R2 - Single Transmitter & 2 Receivers
  • U4R4 - Single Transmitter & 4 Receivers


  • 2.4GHz wireless in-ear monitoring system with a transmitter and belt pack receiver
  • Transmitter has an XLR input for easy connection to a return on your stage snake
  • Over 90 feet of range (with clear line-of-sight) is perfect for small clubs and venues
  • Less than 5ms of latency for distraction-free performance
  • 5 hours of battery life, plenty to get you through a show
  • Large knurled volume knob makes it easy to adjust loudness without looking down at the receiver