Native Instruments TRAKTOR SCRATCH Replacement Set [Not Available in UAE]

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Native Instruments TRAKTOR SCRATCH Replacement Set [Not Available in UAE] Description


An eject lock button prevents accidentally ejecting a disk during play. It can be turned off if you want to do quick disk switches.All players include pitch control that speed up and slow down the music's pitch. With pitch bender control, the speed changes while the pitch remains the same. Some models provide auto beat-syncing with the touch of a button. Most digital players let you set cue points so you can instantly access a certain spot in a song with the push of a button. Some players let you save cue points to a removable memory card. Fader start is a common feature that works with compatible mixers so that when you cross-fade over to another channel, the cued song automatically plays without your having to press a button. Fader stop is similar in that it will stop the player as soon as you fade out its channel. Fader stop can be configured to reset the CD to a given cue point. This feature is especially handy for beat juggling.

A/D Resolution 24-bit
Audio Compatibility non-DRM AAC
Drivers ASIOCore AudioDirectSoundWASAPI
Max. output level 3.55 Vrms
Sample Rate 96 kHz