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TC Electronic Eyemaster Metal Distortion Effects Pedal

Eyemaster Metal Distortion brings back the original metal credo of "loud and brutal" with its "simpler-than thou" 2-knob operation. Just set the volume (all the way up, right?) and adjust the gain (anything less than all-the-gain is sacrilege) and start riffing. Eyemaster was specifically designed to channel the Swedish death metal tone, endearingly nicknamed the "Swedish buzzsaw." As that term implies, Eyemaster is not a subtle overdrive. It is not transparent and it does not "sit well in a mix". Rather, it burns an unholy path straight through the mix.


  • Bone-crushing metal distortion pedal

  • Highly responsive 2-knob interface

  • Roll in huge amounts of gain to take your tone over the top

  • True bypass for ultimate signal integrity

  • "Built-like-a-tank" metal chassis

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