Shure SRH750DJ High Impedance Pro DJ Headphones

Made specifically for serious DJs and hardworking producers like you, Shure SRH750DJ headphones are designed to give you world-class performance and comfort night after night, show after show. From the resonant peak to the most thunderous 808 bass, your SRH750DJ headphones will let you experience your mix in your head the way your audience will hear it on the dance floor. Thanks to their circumaural earcups and extra-dense earcup pads, SRH750DJ headphones provide you with the isolation you need to hear your monitor mix even in the loudest clubs. Heavy-duty swiveling yolks also let you monitor via whatever method you like. And if your earcup pads wear out or your cable snaps, don't worry, they're 100% field-replaceable so you won't have to worry about downtime.

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Dimensions Cable Length: 9.8'
Max SPL: 32 ohms
Power Supply: 1/8" (1/4" adapter included)
Speaker Drivers: 5Hz-30kHz