Roland RT-30HR Dual Trigger: Stereo Acoustic Drum Trigger

Perfect for snares and other drums that demand dual-zone triggering, the Roland RT-30HR drum trigger is designed to detect both head and rim strikes. This next-gen drum trigger's self-guided mount lets it attach simply and securely to virtually any drum hoop out there, including modern inward-curved designs. Its ultra-low-profile design keeps it out of harm's way, and the RT-30HR's fiberglass-reinforced ABS body can easily withstand the occasional stray stick. You're going to love what this RT-30HR can do for you, whether you're tracking MIDI in the studio with Roland's TM-2 Trigger Module or creating a cool custom hybrid kit with a V-Drum or SPD series controller.

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Type Trigger
Color Black
Manufacturer Part Number : RT-30HR