Irmler P125 Studio Upright Piano Black Polish

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At 125cm tall the Irmler SP125 offers excellent string length and an expansive soundboard area, consequently producing a wonderfully resonant sound that is both warm and mellow in character. A worthwhile upgrade from the popular 'Europe' series, the SP125 piano has upgraded hammers, the same specially selected Abel hammers as in Bluthner instruments along with an improved action manufactured by Detoa. The touch is firm yet well balanced and perfectly suited to the expressive tone of the SP125.


  • Beautifully constructed 125cm upright piano finished at the Bluthner factory in Leipzig
  • Elegant traditional style cabinetry in polished ebony finish with chrome fittings
  • Solid spruce soundboard and specially selected Abel hammers for a warm and resonant tone
  • Responsive touch from a well balanced Detoa action
  • A superb piano that combines high-quality Bluthner design and manufactures with excellent value
  • Supplied with a bespoke set up by Chamberlain Music and a 5-year manufacturer's warranty

Tech Specs

Width: 151cm
Height: 125cm
Depth: 63cm
Weight: 235kg
Number of Keys: 88
Traditional cabinet in Black Polyester finish
Three pedals
Key Surface: White Acrylic Resin and Black Phenolic Resin

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