Irmler P116E Upright Piano - (Black Polish/White Polish/Walnut Satin/Cherry Satin)

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Irmler pianos are convincing with their distinctive sound properties. Carefully selected materials, high quality workmanship and the use of modern technology are the sources of their success. Let yourself be seduced by the tonal and aesthetic qualities of the Irmler instruments. These instruments offer good value for money, paired with Bluthner's long-standing experience in traditional German piano craftsmanship and technical innovations, which guarantees the consistency of quality.The P116E will surprise you with its well balanced sound and pleasing touch.The Professional series, Irmler Europe, is assembled, regulated and toned in Germany The pianos have Delignit pinblocks and solid spruce soundboards.


  • Available in the following finishes:-
  • Black Polished,
  • White Polished,
  • Walnut Satin,
  • Walnut Polished,
  • Cherry Satin,
  • Cherry Polished,

Tech Specs

Soundboard; Solid Spruce
Bridges; Maple with Maple cap
Pinblock; Multi-laminate
Tuning Pins; German steel, nickel plated
Strings; German Made
Action; Horn Beam-Maple
Hammers; Long grained all wool fibers German made Abel or Wurzen
Height: 116 cm
Width: 148 cm
Depth: 56 cm

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