Electric 3/4 (Small) Guitar Starter Pack Available in 2 different colors

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JT30 series Classic double-cutaway, maple neckRosewood fingerboard, Standard tremolo

We have an excellent electric guitar starter packs to help you begin your musical journey!

Buying your first electric guitar can be quite a daunting experience. Unlike acoustic guitars, an electric guitar must work in conjunction with other pieces of gear, including most vitally, a guitar amp. With other accessories like a cable, strap also needed, a decent guitar starter pack provides all of the essentials.

Techniline Electronics. stocks established brand such as Jay Turser, Featuring a stunning Classic Style Double Cut Style starter packs are considered the standard, with many musicians kicking off their playing careers with these affordable sets. This electric guitar starter kit also comes with a Laney LX10 10W 5" combo amp, Guitar Cable, Strap and Guitar Floor Stand.


Package Contents

JT30 3/4 Series Guitar (RED, BLACK)

LANEY LX10 10W 5" Speaker Guitar Combo Amp

Tovaste NB665 Guitar Floor Stand

D'Addario PWG10 10M 1/4" Instrument Guitar Cable

Planet Waves PWS102 Guitar Strap



10' MN 1/4" INST CBL

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