Behringer X V-amp LX1-X Guitar Effects Pedal

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16 original V-AMP amp/speaker simulations, including a special acoustic simulation
A high-resolution stereo multi-effects processor including first-class stomp box simulations, delay, wah-wah, chorus, flanger, reverb, noise gate, compressor effects and many more
Freely assignable expression pedal for real-time control of effects or wah/volume control
Amp and cabinet simulation, compressor, noise gate, EQ, modulation effects, delay, and reverb can be used simultaneously in any combination
Awesome modulation and pitch bend effects
Dedicated semi-parametric EQs for low-end and presence control
9 different output configurations for the utmost flexibility
100 memory locations‚ easily editable and storable
2 stereo TRS Line and Headphone outputs plus
Intuitive controls and comprehensive display for visual feedback during editing
Adjustable, super-precise auto-chromatic tuner
Power supply included