Alesis ProLinear 720 DSP Active Monitor (1 pcs)

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Note: This studio monitor is sold as a single piece.

The ProLinear 720 Studio Monitor has 4 programmable, user-controlled, fully parametric equalizer bands that adjust the speaker to the desired response. 16 preset programs (8 factories and 8 predefined user-variable) let you fine-tune the speaker to your monitoring needs.

A level adjustment allows the user to calibrate the input level to match other speakers. Pushing a couple of the front panel buttons causes the LCD to dynamically update and show the input level into the speaker. Calibration is easy; simply input a constant test signal (e.g. pink noise, white noise) and adjust the rear panel pot to the desired level.

HF Driver Power Amp: 40 watts RMS typical, 120 watts peak. Frequency response: 50hz - 20kHz +/- 1.5dB. Bass level -3dB @ 43hz typical,
Impedance 10kΩ
Inputs Nominal input level: +4dBu (-15dBFS). Maximum input level: +20dBu (7.0 Vrms)
LF Driver Power Amp: 80 watts RMS, 120 watts peak.
Max SPL 110dB at 1 meter at max input below clipping.