The word shaker describes various percussive musical instruments used for creating rhythm in music. They are called shakers because the method of creating the sound involves shaking them – moving them back and forth in the air rather than striking them.


LP - LP285-PR Mini Rawhide Maracas PRFLAG

Dhs. 126.00

LP LP006-PK12 Sugar Skull Shakers 12pk Display Box

Dhs. 252.00

LP - LP001-BK Egg Shaker Black Colour

Dhs. 262.50

LP LP462B Rock Shaker - Black

Dhs. 136.50

LP LP462 Rock Shaker - Gold

Dhs. 136.50

LP LP455A Traditional 49" Bamboo Rainstick

Dhs. 304.50

LP Session LP446-S Shaker Small

Dhs. 63.00

Latin Percussion LP442F Finger Shot Shaker

Dhs. 31.50

LP - LP442A One Shot Shaker Small

Dhs. 115.50
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