Studio Bundles

Studio Bundles are the ultimate quick-start for anyone looking to make music and record audio. These bundles are also an ideal one-stop purchase for content creators looking to podcast and vlog. Studio bundles generally include an audio interface, microphone, studio headphones, microphone cables, while some even offer a pair of studio monitors. These packs are a surefire way to start music or video production, mixing, and mastering right out of the box. As an added advantage, these devices (in addition to a visual recording device like a phone or camera) are ideal for vlogging and podcasting (talk about multi-purpose!) Since the manufacturers themselves design the bundles, you can expect maximum value for money, and that all items will be compatible with one another.


Since studio professionals put the bundles together, both the quality of the audio and the product will be at par with industry standards. Deconstructing the main components of a Studio Bundle:
A Microphone, usually a Condenser Microphone, is an absolute must when setting up a home studio. Powered by a 48V phantom power, it works by creating an electric charge between the diaphragm and a backplate. Simplistically, Condenser Mics are capable of capturing audio at high accuracy and quality. This is beneficial when recording vocals, instruments, or the ambient sound.


An Audio Interface lies at the centre of your studio setup. Acting as the connecting medium of the arrangement, an interface connects and communicates with the laptop/PC and DAW. It also provides the phantom power for the condenser microphone. An interface primarily converts analog sounds and information to a digital format. One important choice to make would be the input-output requirement based on budget and brand preference. These interfaces also make for a great audiophile headphone experience using the headphone out.

Studio Headphones are some of the fastest-selling products at MusicMajlis, which goes to show how important they are in a studio setup. Studio Headphones are designed to reproduce sound with a flat frequency response. By not colouring the audio with preset modifications, an artist will be able to pick errors in an audio sample. This gives the content creator a chance to rectify and improve the audio. 

Studio Monitors can be included in a Studio Bundle for a small premium. Similar to Studio Headphones, monitor speakers are built to reproduce sound samples at flat, accurate sound signatures. Using a Studio Monitor will help an artist pick up on errors made visible on a louder, accurate-sounding speaker. These monitors are generally near-field (for close-quarters listening) but are also available in mid and far-field monitors used for film scoring and large-scale applications. We recommend near-field, medium-sized monitor speakers for a home studio.

Microphone cables are generally included in a pack to connect the bundled condenser mic and audio interface. However, specifications like cable length and quantity can affect a studio recording experience. We recommend that the quantity and length of the cables are checked, and whether they match the specifications of your studio. MusicMajlis offers high-quality cables at affordable prices.


What are the devices, gadgets, and accessories included in a studio bundle?
Every manufacturer has a different list of items they deem necessary in a bundle. A Mackie studio bundle comes with a pair of Monitors, one Headphone, an Audio Interface, a large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone, and a Dynamic Vocal Microphone. Conversely, for less than half the price of a Mackie bundle, Focusrite’s Solo Studio (3rd gen) comes with a dual input audio interface, an XLR cable, one studio headphone, and a condenser microphone. As an artist, based on your needs, you can opt for a bundle of your liking. We also strongly recommend pairing your new studio bundle with a microphone stand, shock mount, and pop filter.


Is it possible to pick and choose items in a bundle separately?
Yes, most of the studio-purposed equipment is compatible with multiple brands and models.


Why do I need an audio interface?
An audio interface acts as the central hub to help connect all the other items in the pack. An audio interface is a device that helps convert analog signals from a musical instrument to a digital signal that can be understood by a computer (and DAW). Moreover, most condenser microphones require phantom power to operate. A preamp or an audio interface provides this. Lastly, most audio interfaces also act as a headphone amp which can and will improve your audio-playback experience if you’re an audiophile. 


Can I use a regular headphone instead of a studio headphone to mix, master and record?
Yes, you can use a regular consumer headphone to mix, master, and record. However, we strongly recommend against it. A studio headphone is purpose-built to provide a flat frequency so all the cracks, pops, and other recording, mixing and mastering errors are evident. Moreover, using a regular headphone means mixing with coloured presets (a heavier bass, or a pronounced treble) which when mixing can cause deviation. This deviation can lead to unexpected audio quality and levelling problems resulting in an imperfect final audio output.


What is the price range of a Studio Bundle?
A Studio Bundle starts from AED 550 and can go upto AED 2,500 in the professional ranges.