Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ is a brand of AlphaTheta Corporation that represents the privately held company's range of DJ products. Their product range includes DJ Mixers, DJ Decks, DJ Headphones, Music Production gear, all-in-one consoles, DJ Software Controllers, Monitor Speakers and various DJ Accessories.  Their first device, the CDJ500 was the world’s first flat-top CD player for DJs. A year later, they launched the DJM500 DJ Mixer. Pioneer is the go-to brand for all practicing DJs owing to their years of experience and refinement of the CDJ and Mixer combo. 

Media Player / CDJ - CDJ 3000 Nexus
These are standalone DJ Decks used by the biggest names in the industry. From their most affordable XDJ700 to the most expensive CDJ3000, Pioneer has a player for every DJ Level. These devices are meant to be used without another computing device, and hence have powerful computing powers, jog wheels, pitch faders that allow audio manipulation, loops and beat analysis and the capability to connect to a laptop and work as a controller. Some of the models available in this lineup are XDJ-1000MK2, CDJ350, CDJ850, CDJ900NXS, CDJ-2000NXS2, and CDJ Tour1. While the high-end decks have fold out touch screens and multi-functional sets with quality internals, the more affordable options are ideal for novice DJs to grow with. 

Mixers are devices that sit between two media players to help ‘mix’ and manipulate the audio stored on the media player. For each of Pioneer’s class-defining media players, they have devised a compatible mixer, at a similar price point. The DJM S3, with Serato compatibility, is one of the most affordable options from Pioneer. It’s a simple two-channel mixer with quality sound cards and independent channel filters. In the mid-range lies the DJM-750MK2, which inherits key features and design elements from the DJM-900NXS2, creating a club-style setup when combined with one of Pioneer’s media players. On the higher end of the spectrum, Pioneer has the DJM V10, a massive mixer with six channels, four-band EQ and compressor, and a dedicated screen for easy navigation. Mixers are an essential part of a DJ Setup, and choosing the right mixer for your media player can make all the difference.

DJ Controllers
DJ Controllers essentially mimic the function of turntables and mixers, though they allow for easier manipulation of their chosen DJ software. It will enable you to mix music through the software with the use of knobs, encoders, jog wheels, faders, assignable backlit buttons, touch strips, and other control components. Pioneer’s DJ controllers are a comparatively newer addition to the market. They carry Pioneer’s signature build quality and user interface which has been the industry standard for years on end. The DDJ WEGO4 is the most affordable option with dual jog wheels, sampler, hot cues, and pad FX, with the option to use with mobile and PC devices. The mid-range models like the DDJ SX3 and DDJ SZ2 have four channels, and take design and workflow cues from the signature DDJ SZ model. This mid-range deck has performance pads, mic inputs, dual USB ports, and more. This is the ideal place to begin if you’re looking to pursue a full time career in DJ-ing. As for the best controller, look no further than the DDJ 1000 (SRT) models. They also feature four channels, but have the added advantage of full-size jog wheels, fader for tight scratching, track information display, club-style layout for optimal professional practice and use, and a professional FX range. Owing to the increasing popularity of DJ Controllers in parties and clubs, this particular model has been preferred by professionals due to its carbon-copy layout with professional media players, and the advantage of a laptop connectivity.