Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ is a brand of AlphaTheta Corporation that represents the privately held company's range of DJ products. Their product range includes DJ Mixers, DJ Decks, DJ Headphones, Music Production gear, all-in-one consoles, DJ Software Controllers, Monitor Speakers and various DJ Accessories.  Their first device, the CDJ500 was the world’s first flat-top CD player for DJs. A year later, they launched the DJM500 DJ Mixer. Pioneer is the go-to brand for all practicing DJs owing to their years of experience and refinement of the CDJ and Mixer combo. 

Media Player / CDJ - CDJ 3000 Nexus
These are standalone DJ Decks used by the biggest names in the industry. From their most affordable XDJ700 to the most expensive CDJ3000, Pioneer has a player for every DJ Level. These devices are meant to be used without another computing device, and hence have powerful computing powers, jog wheels, pitch fad...