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MusicMajlis is home to an extensive range of Classical, Acoustic, Bass & Electric Guitars from some of the biggest, well-known brands in the world. We sell brands from Yamaha, Washburn, PRS, and ESP/LTD, to Cordoba, Warwick, Fender, Oscar Schmidt, and Jay Turser. Each offer a range of products supported by a variety of accessories like pedals and amplifiers. Find your pick of instrument and don’t hesitate to contact us for recommendations and support.

Do different guitars use different strings?
Classical (or Spanish) guitars use Nylon strings, while acoustic, electric and bass guitars use steel strings. Nylon strings are also found on ukuleles.


What are string gauges and which ones should I use?
String gauges are indicated on string packs to describe the thickness of the string set. The name of the gauge (e.g. 11s) is derived from the thickness of the thinnest string (the high E). They are also referred to in terms like "light" and "medium", usually 9 and 10 respectively, though this varies.


Do different wood types alter the sound of the guitar?
The wood of the guitar will affect the timbre of the instrument. For example, mahogany is known for its darker sound, with spruce, on the other hand, sought after for its bright, more colourful tone.


Do I always need to replace my strings?
String replacement is subjective, though it is recommended when the strings feel worn and uncomfortable to play. For recordings, it is recommended to have fresh strings. On the other hand, some players prefer the sound and tonal qualities of older strings. It is subjective and up to the player.