Beginner Guides

The DJ scene has evolved over the years into an accessible and interesting career path for many. In Dubai, UAE, there is scope for aspiring DJs as part of the city’s vibrant nightlife. In this article, we briefly discuss the equipment required to set up your very own, fully functional DJ system at home.
You’ve got your condensers and dynamics, ribbons and spot mics, and you know the right way up to place the mic stand. What you might not be completely au fait with is the recording and miking up techniques you would use with the gear that you’ve bought. Here's a one stop guide to just that.
A guitar is a hugely influential instrument in the modern and classical music scene. When starting out, you may have a lot of questions about what to buy. Picking a guitar is a very personal and important process that we simplify for you.
Flutes and Recorders come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It can be challenging to understand how well suited you are to a particular type of woodwind at your stage in the musical journey. This guide breaks down the vast world of flute and recorders.
A definitive guide to drumming for beginners. Understand the options most suited for your playing needs before investing in a drum kit. We dig deep into each of the pieces that make a drum and the accessories that go with it. Learn how the type of wood and diameter of each drum affects the performance of your kit.
Cymbals are a massive part of the sound of a drum kit. Missing out on the variation of tones offered by the cymbals will leave any band’s rhythm section sounding weak and lifeless. Here's a definitive guide to buying the right set of cymbals for your kit.