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Get a Free online music lesson with Taccato

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Good news for music learning enthusiast! 

We’re going to complement all our customers this month with a Free Music Class (Online) from Taccato. All you need to do is make a purchase for any product from MusicMajlis and you will be eligible for a Free Class with Taccato. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions at bottom of this page, as well as the steps to redeem your Free Music Class.  

Taccato has a great array of options for music learning that could make sense for you. You may want to consider an instrument that peaks your interest such as Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Tabla Violin, Saxaphone, Flute, Trumpet, Cello, Oud etc. You could even consider exploring different forms of singing such as Oriental Singing, Pop Singing or Classical singing. Music production is also an option for producer enthusiast. Let’s help you make your choice! 

Piano & Keyboard 

This is a perfect instrument to get your music fundamentals in place. The keys help you navigate the various notes of music with ease. A piano or a keyboard would help you better understand the theory of music from a visual sense before you even begin to start playing. The playing difference between the two is that a Piano has heavy weighted keys while a Keyboard has keys that are a lot lighter on the fingers. 


Rhythm oriented aspirants who enjoy a sense of beat and time would prefer to learn the drums. It is a great instrument that will help you synchronize your hands and feet co-ordination while playing a beat. A good sense of rhythm makes you groove to the music and being a drummer brings that feeling to life. Thanks to the evolution of Electronic Drum kits you no longer have to wake the neighbors while hitting hard on your drum kit. 


A Guitar can be a very interesting instrument to pursue. It acts as an intermediary instrument between accompanying your vocals to sit in tune to a percussive instrument that keeps the beat in time. Acoustic guitars are usually the preferred choice to begin with whereas Electric Guitars require a little more understanding and advancement in application. 

Singing & Vocals 

Engaging in singing and vocal exercises to develop your vocal chords can bring out a lot of confidence to your personality. While Oriental singing and Classical singing may be more technique oriented it does help you discover the strength of your voice to its fullest potential. If you find yourself singing along or humming your favorite tunes on the radio then Pop singing could be your preferred choice. 

Music Production 

For many musicians, learning the basics of music production is a very necessary tool to function as a musician in today’s times. Non-musicians who are passionate about music often also tend to consider learning music production to surround themselves with music related projects. 

Other Instruments

Violins and Cellos are unfretted instruments that require precision and intense commitment. Saxophones, Trumpets and Flutes require excellent breathing techniques in order to release precise amounts of wind energy from your windpipe into these instruments. An Oud uses double strings to create sound vibrations that is similar to a guitar. The Tabla is the perfect instrument for beating rhythms with your fingers and palms.


We hope to have given you some key insight on making the right choice of Instrument for your Free Music Class. Happy learning! 

Follow these steps to claim your Free Music Class with Taccato 

Step 1: Purchase any product from MusicMajlis website from 6th December to 31st December 2022. 

Step 2: Check your Order confirmation email for a Free Taccato Music Class voucher. 

Step 3: Scan the QR code from the email that will direct you to a Google Form. 

Step 4: Fill in all the details (all compulsory) in the Google Form and click on submit. 

Step 5: You will be contacted by Taccato to schedule your Class (Online). 

Step 6: Enjoy your Free Music Class powered by MusicMajlis & Taccato.  
For any questions, please get in touch with the MusicMajlis team on; or +971558907585 

Terms & Conditions for your Free Music Class with Taccato 2022 

  • Each customer is eligible for only one Free Music Class.
  • The number of orders or the number of products purchased from MusicMajlis does not validate any additional Free classes.
  • The Free Music Class with be given/organized by Taccato (Staccato Music FZ-LLC), and MusicMajlis takes no liability for the experience. 
  • The Free Music Class would be scheduled as per the teacher's availability at Taccato, which will be scheduled after completing their registration form.
  • The Free Music Class would not be rescheduled if missed.
  • MusicMajlis has the right to withdraw the right to a Free Music Class if appearing fraudulent.
  • This offer is only valid for orders placed on MusicMajlis from 6th December 2022 to 31st December 2022.
  • Proof of Purchase from MusicMajlis will be required to claim the Free Music Class. 
  • Expiry date of the Free Music Class is one month (30 Days) after the date of the purchased order from MusicMajlis.


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