Tech 21


Tech 21 Sans Amp Paradriver DI Pedal

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Useful for nearly any instrument, the Tech 21 SansAmp Para Driver DI Pedal (v2) is a DI box with a few more tricks up its sleeve for the stage- or studio-ready tones. Not only does the Para Driver drive the weak instrument-level signal to go into a mixer, but it also has a powerful EQ section with a parametric mid control, a controllable SansAmp tube amplifier emulator, and an "Air" control to add top-end clarity to acoustic instruments or other signals.

In addition to being a DI box, the Para Driver can also function as an outboard effect for live or studio mixing, by using the onboard EQ and other controls to fatten up or otherwise improve the sonic qualities of any track. When connected via XLR, the Para Driver can be powered by external 48V phantom power, precluding the need for a battery or other power supply. This DI works well with any instrument but is particularly useful for acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, and upright bass.