Musicmajlis has an extensive collection of microphone bundles for live or studio purposes!

Microphone Bundles

Behringer XM1800S Ultravoice Dynamic Microphone

Dhs. 189.00

AKG Drumset Session 1 Microphone Set

Dhs. 1,431.35

Shure Quality Bundle SM58-KM-SOM

Dhs. 598.50

Shure MOTIV MV88+ Video Kit - Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone and Accessories for Smartphones (iOS, Android)

Dhs. 1,363.95

AKG C314 Matched Pair

Dhs. 5,737.79

AKG C214 Matched Pair Stereo Set

Dhs. 3,276.93

Shure PGA58BTS Vocal Mic/Stand/Cable Set

Dhs. 372.75

Marantz PODPACK1 - USB Mic with broadcast stand

Dhs. 266.70

Apogee ClipMic digital

Dhs. 834.75
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