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Alesis Vintage Synthesizers Q Card

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Alesis Vintage Synthesizers Q Card - VINTAGESYNTHESIZER

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Alesis Vintage Synthesizers Q Card

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The 8 Megabyte Vintage Synthesizers and Classic Beatboxes QCard contains the groovy synth sounds and lo-fi drum hits from the dawn of the age of electronic music. All of your favorite analog synthesizers from the late 60s through the mid-80s are represented in their best form. You can expect the classic fat, warm and rich waveforms that VCO-based synths provided in their heyday. Additionally, you get a great collection of your all-time favorite drum machines as well as examples of rare machines that let you stand out from the crowd. Whether you're performing rock songs, composing period-piece film scores or adding smooth sounds to hip hop, techno or R&B tunes, this card is the real thing for vintage synths and electronic drums.

Vintage Synthesizer
Preset Programs:
0 Sparklers
1 Plethora
2 WaterGlass
3 Glasseen
4 Wavewind
5 GranularVx
6 Galactica
7 TomitEnsml
8 UnderTow
9 Lo Dipped
10 FilterDual
11 Sweep Comp
12 SquishySwp
13 Doinkey
14 Spartacus
15 Starsweepr
16 Q Who?
17 Nastyness
18 UnoSweeps
19 ArctcSweep
20 BrightPoly
21 Tiger Clav
22 Compin'Man
23 Wave Comp
24 Corp Comp
25 Perky
26 Knuckler
27 Digikomp
28 Quixotie
29 Attitude
30 Slider Pad
31 Subdivisns
32 Edge Comp
33 Wizenheimr
34 Digilog
35 Half Ton!
36 Chocolate
37 Far Away
38 Semi-Gloss
39 Titan
40 Wave Pad
41 Alaska
42 M Flange
43 Polar Pad
44 Juneau Pad
45 Hollowing
46 Softvoxx
47 Vocoder
48 Ahh Tube
49 Slow Chor
50 Luscious
51 SuperPadMW
52 Unison Pad
53 OctavePad1
54 OctavePad2
55 OldStrings
56 VeryOldStr
57 Murk Orch
58 HP Strings
59 Lo Wish
60 LayerBrass
61 TouchAndGo
62 FanfareBrs
63 Cerberus
64 EmoLdTrpt
65 SlideJazz
66 SynthHornX
67 ThickJoops
68 BrassTaxes
69 MonstrHorn
70 TrustNoOne
71 DentonBlue
72 Obie Lead
73 OB-Live-On
74 Rezo-Notch
75 InDBgining
76 GeeEcks5th
77 Ripping5th
78 I-5Lead MW
79 Abad'un Ld
80 CommonManA
81 Synthonica
82 Wild FM MW
83 WildSaw MW
84 WildSyncMW
85 Sync Hard!
86 SizzleLead
87 ZingerLead
88 Angry Lead
89 Total Hero
90 MetaBass
91 Parc'sBass
92 BaseBoy
93 Glaz Bass
94 Nasty Bass
95 Cycle Bass
96 Juicy Bass
97 Rez Pluck
98 Mass Bass
99 ShakeNbass
100 HR Kit
101 120/95 Kit
102 55b Kit
103 77 Kit
104 GeeEcksKit
105 MorfKit MW
106 Mixup Kit
107 HR+77
108 WhackIt
109 Insta-'Cid
110 Digifest
111 Da Bell
112 Glittrbell
113 TubularStr
114 Luminous
115 CloudPower
116 CleanSweep
117 Glassyblip
118 Marbles
119 ModRinger
120 AsiaMinor
121 Chish Comp
122 RezNoise!
123 NoseFilter
124 Harmit Odd
125 Endymion
126 Spelunker
127 FrmPlanetQ

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