Ahuja CS6081T Ceiling Speaker

High quality flush mount ceiling speaker with a stylish grill and frame, which integrates wonderfully well with all interiors. Clear and clean sound for speech and music.


  • 6" Full Range Speaker, 8W/100V.

  • Beautiful powder-coated aluminum mesh grille and molded plastic frame.

  • Power tap selection on 100V through female receptacle (push fit).

  • Superbly engineered for simple and safe installations.

  • Ideal for Offices... Restaurants... Hospitals... Shopping Malls... Hotel...Gymnasiums.

Weight 0.78kg
Dimensions 227 ‚H77 mm
Frequency Response 60-15,000Hz
Impedance 1.25k/2.5k/5k
Input Power 8W RMS
Power Taps on 100v 8/4/2W
SPL 92dB