Portable PA systems are the perfect systems for small gigs for working musicians, public speaking/announcements, or any events that simply require an all-in-one PA system for use on the move. Musicmajlis has a compressive collection of Portable PA systems perfect for you, right here in the UAE!

Portable PA Systems

Behringer Europort EPS500MP3 Portable PA System

Dhs. 2,016.00Dhs. 2,520.00

Laney Audiohub AH115 Powered PA Speaker with Bluetooth

Dhs. 661.50Dhs. 945.00

Behringer HPA40 Handheld PA System

Dhs. 588.00

Tovaste KM90X830 300-Watt Portable PA system

Dhs. 678.30

Korg Konnect Portable Stereo PA System w/ Bluetooth

Dhs. 1,562.40Dhs. 1,673.00

Behringer Europort MPA100BT - 100 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Dhs. 1,250.00Dhs. 1,470.00

Behringer C200 Compact Audio System

Dhs. 1,102.50Dhs. 1,575.00

Wharfedale Typhon-AX12 Bluetooth Active Speaker

Dhs. 1,249.50

Behringer Europort MPA200BT 200 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Dhs. 1,848.00
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