Portable PA Systems

Portable PA Systems (Public Address) are compact and easy to transport systems that are perfect for you to perform anywhere. Most portable PA systems come with built-in speaker(s), mixer, amplifier and wireless connectivity, and sometimes, a microphone. From family barbeques, busking in the streets, or performing your first gig, a portable PA system gives you the power to perform with confidence. Unlike a larger-sized active or passive PA speaker system powered using a wall socket, the portable systems are powered on batteries (many even rechargeable). Apart from live performances, these compact systems can also be used across small venues like fitness classes, wedding ceremonies, and parties. The newer portable PA Speaker systems come with wireless connectivity and EQ controls. PA systems have, over the years, have improved in durability without compromising on the total weight of the unit, which is a key factor to consider for a travelling user. Moreover, the size is now deceivingly smaller compared to the output volume.


What equipment comes with a portable PA system?
Portable PA systems generally come with a built-in speaker(s), mixer, amplifier, and wireless capabilities. Some however, also include a wired or wireless microphone. They also range from having a rechargeable battery pack or work through plugging straight to a power source.


What different sources and inputs can I use with my portable PA system?
Most portable PA systems have the capability of supporting XLR inputs for microphones and line-in or instrument inputs for supporting an instrument or a media player with a ¼ connector. Some also feature wireless connectivity allowing you to enjoy your music out loud by simply connecting your mobile device through Bluetooth.


What do I need for a Portable PA System?
Most portable PA Systems have the functions of a full-sized PA system, mainly: XLR inputs, AUX input, wireless connectivity via Bluetooth, battery pack, and EQ controls. All devices that support these input categories and controls are compatible with your Portable PA System. 


What is the price range of a Portable PA System?
A Portable PA System starts from AED 380 and can go upto AED 5,000 in the higher ends.