Electronic Drum Monitor


Drum and Keyboard amps are extremely useful thanks to their accurate sound reproduction that can be used very effectively for monitoring (and other) purposes. They are very similar in design and can often be used interchangeably. MusicMajlis offers brands such as Roland, Korg, Behringer, and Laney that have some of the best amplification for drums and keyboards on the market.


What makes drum monitors different from other types?
In the same way, an electric guitar isn’t recommended to be connected to a bass amplifier, a drum monitor is made specifically to reproduce tones of drums.


Are there substitutes to drum monitors?
The most common substitute to a drum monitor is a keyboard amp. A keyboard amplifier can be used for electronic drums and other instruments as they can reproduce crisp and accurate sounds with as little distortion as possible.


Should I only use drum monitors with electronic kits?
Not necessarily, you can use headphones, a keyboard amp and even use the output into an audio interface to record or into a mixer to play live.