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Are There Really Differences Between DJ & Studio Headphones?

Who thought buying a pair of decent headphones would be a complicated task? There are now three basic categories of headphones to consider before even getting to the options available in your preferred use-case. This article discusses the differences between DJ and Studio Headphones. Are they any? Let's find out...
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Who thought buying a pair of decent headphones would be a complicated task? There are now three basic categories of headphones to consider before even getting to the options available in your preferred use-case.

This article will not discuss hi-fi headphones, simply because they do not serve the purpose of a content creator. Used mainly by large-market consumers, hi-fi headphones are the perfect pick for someone looking to purely enjoy music with a lot of pre-set colour and life in the mix. For the purpose of this article aimed at music producers, recording artists, and mixing professionals, a hi-fi headphone is the opposite of what needs to be considered an apt investment.

Moving on to studio and DJ headphones, here is the obvious: DJ headphones are geared toward disk jockeys and studio headphones toward music content creators. But you probably already knew that. Following are the main differences between the two types of headphones:

DJ Headphones

Think back to the last time you were in a DJ-host environment – loud, dark, and crowded. In this scenario, it is imperative that a DJ hear the music they’re mixing, keep in check the vibe of the room, and maintain it over different gigs in different locations every day.

In response to this lifestyle, DJ headphones are built to withstand a fair bit of misuse while delivering quality audio on the side. DJ Headphones mostly have closed-ear cups to block out external sound. And unlike studio monitors that are tuned primarily for a flat response, DJ headphones are tweaked for loudness (using high sensitivity drivers). The grip maintained by DJ headphones to increase ear seal can get slightly uncomfortable over extended use, but the seal is important to keep out exterior noise which is essential to every professional DJ.

Lastly, these cans are made with a traveller in mind, which means that the build quality cannot be compromised. One of the most vulnerable aspects of a headphone is the hinges, which in this case, will be reinforced. That might probably add a few grams to the total package, but you’ll thank them years later when they still run like new.

DJ headphones are expensive. However, they’re built to last, which will offset the initial investment.

Our recommendations:

Studio Headphones

At the offset, yes, you can use studio headphones for casual listening, but we can assure you that that will not be a fun experience.

Studio Headphones are best paired with studio monitors to get the most accurate idea of the content you’re mixing, producing, or recording. While we can recommend various headphone options for each of the process points, the underlying characteristic of studio headphones is its flat and balanced frequency response. Translating to simpler terms, a studio headphone must not inherently add tonal properties like bass or treble when outputting sound. A studio headphone user must be able to distinctively identify errors in the mixing or production of their piece.

In addition to the difference in output sound, studio headphones are also designed for users who wear it for hours on end. To manage this, many headphones skimp on build quality (to reduce overall weight and keep costs downs), but most of MusicMajlis products are designed and produced keeping durability and professional audio in mind. In addition to the sound signature, durability, and comfort, studio headphones also have open and closed back options. The former is often preferred by those with acoustic treatment, and want to let their ears breathe. The latter option is a perfect fit for home studios where external noise can impact the session.

We recommend:


To answer your question, yes, there absolutely is a difference between DJ Headphones and Studio Headphones. If you would like assistance in picking the right pair, contact us and we'll do our best to assist you.


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