At Music Majlis, we cherish the musicians’ journey to hone their craft and the camaraderie of our community.

In line with this, we present our latest program - Community Contributions. In short, we would love it if you could create and share a brief video about the gear you purchased from us - anything that could be useful to other musicians. In return for your effort and kindness, we will appreciate and reward you with a discount code redeemable as credit against future purchases with us. 

We believe that sharing your content will help others in their creative journey along with putting a spotlight on your work & expertise. 

To ensure a positive experience for everyone involved, we have added Steps, Tips, and Terms of this program below. So be sure to read them to get a clear picture of what's expected and what you are agreeing to.


1. Make a purchase from MusicMajlis (you've probably already done this)

2. Make a short video about one of the products from your purchase (you can use your phone)

3. Post it up on a Social Channel, be sure to tag us @MusicMajlis and use the hashtag: #MusicMajlisReviews

4. Send us the uncompressed file on

5. Wait for our thumbs up

6. Earn a AED 50 discount voucher

7. Redeem your voucher on new gear

8. Repeat from Step 2 


We love to see you make the best content possible so these are a few guidelines on how to create high-quality videos. We’re excited to share your submission and to give the reward to all our customers. For a higher chance of being approved, please adhere to the following pointers: 

  •  The video should be at least 60 seconds. There is no upper limit. 
  • To provide ample time to showcase your review, unboxing, first impressions, demo, jamming, etc. 
  • Be sure there are no watermarks. 
  • Shoot the video in adequate lighting so that the Subject (you) and Product (gear) are properly visible.  
  • The video should preferably be in 16:9 (landscape) aspect ratio with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. 
  • Make sure to be shooting in a relatively quiet area or reduce background noise whenever possible for clear audio. 
  • Please make sure to tag us (@MusicMajlis) & include the hashtag #MusicMajlisReviews 
  • For submitted videos, please make sure that the footage file is sent in its original full-size format and not compressed to and use WeTransfer if it’s too large for email attachment. 

     TERMS (& Conditions) 

    • By submitting or uploading your content, you are irrevocably authorizing MusicMajlis (c/o Techniline Electronics LLC) to use, publish, and otherwise reproduce, modify, and distribute your content. 
    • We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to determine which Content to include. We may publish, review, modify or remove all or part of your Content at our sole discretion. 
    • As a reward and for your time and effort, we are delighted to offer AED 50 off your next purchase with MusicMajlis. This discount credit will be:  
    1. Available for 6 months 
    2. Is a one-time reward granted per customer which can be availed per order. 
    3. At the sole discretion of Music Majlis and can be revoked without prior notice. 
    4. Not used in conjunction with other codes, discounts, or promotions
    5. Not for sale/transfer of ownership - can be only used by the person who it was awarded to
    • Music Majlis reserves the right to withhold the reward, screen/block/remove the content in case the content is:  
    1. Abusive, illegal, defamatory, indecent, hateful, racially, or religiously biased or offensive, slanderous, indecent, obscene, unlawfully threatening or unlawfully harassing to any individual, partnership, or corporation in any way. 
    2. Providing instructions for or encourages activity illegal under criminal or civil law.
    3. False, misleading, or fraudulent.  
    4. In violation or infringement upon the rights of others, including content that violates the patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, trade secret rights, confidentiality rights, contract rights, or any other rights of any individual, living or deceased, or any legal entity 
    • The submitted content must not include any persons who have not consented or are unable to consent (whether due to being below the age of majority or otherwise incapable.) 
    • Music Majlis reserves the right to modify this Agreement at any time without prior notice. You agree that we may notify you of the Updated Agreement by posting it on online platforms (Website, Email Communication) and that your Participation after we post the Updated Agreement constitutes your agreement to the Updated Agreement. Therefore, you should review this Agreement on a regular and frequent basis.  
    • You are responsible for the Content that you post. Under no circumstances will Music Majlis be liable in any way for any user-generated content. If any part of the content you post is not your original work, it is your responsibility to obtain any necessary rights and permissions to post it. 

    • Content should be online for public viewing for a minimum of 6 months after publishing. (i.e. no private viewing, deleting, archiving, hiding, etc.) 
    • Gift code can’t be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers, discounts, & sales.  
    • Product in video submission must be purchased from Music Majlis. 
    • MusicMajlis will not sell or share your data or content with any third parties.
    • All conditions here are subject to UAE Laws, which take precedence in case of any conflict

    Please feel free to reach out to us if you require any further clarification regarding this program or its terms. You can email us on