Free Podcast Session at ROVE

Rove Podcast Session

Calling all aspiring podcasters for a free session at ROVE

ROVE Hotels is holding a limited-time podcasting opportunity aimed at aspiring content creators in the region, available free till August 31, 2020 

In light of the recent COVID19 outbreak and the chaos that followed, artists who relied on events and performances as a source of income were soon fighting to stay afloat.

As an act of goodwill and kindness, ROVE is offering their podcast studio to budding podcasters (and even entrepreneurs) as a platform to advertise.

With a capacity of four members per session, the opportunity is a novel idea in the region.

Podcasts have recently gained traction in the Middle East, with notable creators like hip-hop personality and radio DJ,Hass Dennaoui of the Buckle Up With Big Hass, and Basel Anabtawi of the locally renowned Basel Meets show.

ROVE’s fully-decked studio is also a great opportunity for first-timers looking to foray into the rather lucrative world of podcasting. If you’ve ever been anxious about starting your journey as a podcaster, this could well be a great chance to try your hand at this up-and-coming form of media.

To further aid your session, ROVE has promised complimentary tea and coffee to make you feel at home. The free session can be used for two hours, though you have to reserve your time slots ahead of time.

The gear they use:

1)     RODE Sound Board

2)     4 x Fender Mics

3)     Camera Tripod (Camera not included)

4)     Green Screen

If you’d like to rent the space after the allotted free time, rental rates are as follows:

  •        1 Hour = AED 150
  •        Half-Day (6 Hours) = AED 400
  •        Full day (6 to 12 hours) = AED 700

For more information, visit ROVE’s podcasting page here.

It's actually not very expensive or complicated to set up your very own home podcasting station. For a basic setup, all you would need to get started is a USB Microphone or Smartphone Microphone - which would connect with your laptop/computer or mobile phone respectively. 

For a more professional setup, you can consider a vocal microphone, an audio interface, a pair of studio headphones, and some microphone accessories. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us and one of our consultants can help you with the ideal studio set up within your budget and requirements. Just drop us a message on our contact form, or Whatsapp us.