Pay in 4 Easy Installments With No Fees, Charges, or Interest - Tabby x MusicMajlis - MusicMajlis

Pay in 4 Easy Installments With No Fees, Charges, or Interest - Tabby x MusicMajlis

To help ease your financial commitments and keep you equipped with the latest and greatest music and sound needs, we have partnered with Tabby to enable an easy instalment plan on all our products.  Read more about how you can pay for your dream music and sound gear in four instalments at no extra cost or interest!
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Buying your dream gear can be a costly affair if you have expensive taste. But having expensive taste should not be a barrier to acquiring the highest quality, no-compromises equipment you’ve always wanted.  As part of the Middle East Music Movement, we strive to offer the lowest prices and remove all barriers for Middle East-based artists and content creators.

To keep you equipped with the latest and greatest music and sound gear, we have partnered with Tabby to provide easy instalment based payment plans on orders through our website. Enjoy your music and sound gear immediately, while your wallet enjoys the spread-out payments across three months.

Tabby enables easy instalments on MusicMajlis purchases without involving banks or third-party lenders, this is done by breaking the payment into four instalments across three months at no extra cost, fees, or interest to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this service available on all orders?
The easy instalment plan is applicable on orders up to AED 5,000. Subject to an instant automated risk assessment by Tabby, customers will be approved on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of Tabby. 

How do I know how much each instalment would be?
When you visit our webpage and see a product you like, keep an eye out for Tabby's calculation of the monthly instalment right below the price.

How many instalments are there? When and how do I have to pay?
Your total order will be broken into four equal installments, across three months. The first payment, a quarter or 25% of the total value, is due at the time of purchase and each subsequent payment of equal value is due one month apart respectively.

How can I avail the Tabby instalment payments?
At the checkout page, simply select the Tabby option to avail the no-fee, four-part installment plan. Tabby accepts most credit and debit cards in the UAE and KSA, provided you’re above the age of 18; subject to an automated risk assessment.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:
Enter your credit/debit card details and click pay. 

Step 6:
Enjoy your product immediately as your bank balance enjoys stress-free payment.


Are there any hidden or extra costs/fees/charges for me?

There are no hidden fees or charges when using Tabby. Tabby does not charge you interest on your payments either. Simply opt for deferred payment via Tabby when shopping with MusicMajlis, and enjoy the convenience and benefits of paying via four easy instalments.

How does Tabby profit from providing this service?
We care about your satisfaction and strive to give you the best shopping experience you can get. We also understand that costs can be a restrictive factor when investing in your musical talent. So, we at MusicMajlis bear a fee to Tabby on every order, while you avail and enjoy the lowest market rates on your music and sound equipment. The amount that we pay Tabby will NOT be reflected on your payment or product price.

For the full terms and conditions set by Tabby, visit their site here.

Happy Shopping!


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