5 Most Creative Low Budget Music Videos

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5 Most Creative Low Budget Music Videos

While some music videos have been bizarre and convoluted, they have also emerged as a trademark for the new generation and a huge key to success for the artists. These ideas have stemmed from low budgets and spontaneity, creating mesmerising takes and ideas that have wooed the audience. Here are 5 most creative low budget music videos that have emerged to be huge successes: 

  • Here it goes again by OK Go (2006)

During its initial release, this music video was unbelievably complex. With dancing around treadmills and Tim-Norwind lip-syncing the entire song, the four band members managed to pull off their unique video concept after 17 takes. Even though the dance was choreographed and fairly improvised, it turned out to be a classic with 80 million views over the years. This low budget music video was later parodied by the famous American sitcom, 'The Simpsons.'

  • Praise You by Fatboy Slim (1999)

Praise You was created with dancers performing outside a cinema hall with goofy dance moves. Even though the video was made with a very low budget, the sneaky camera movements made it more creative and fun to watch. The artist himself shows up in the video by adding a surprise element. Later, this low budget music video won three MTV music awards for its creativity and is still one of the most-watched online music videos. 

  • Cornerstone by Arctic Monkeys (2009)

As a first-time viewer, you might find the music video giving the impression that it is fan-made. The camera follows Alex Turner as he tries to seduce the camera by himself during the entire video. At first, the composition and movement of the video came off amateur, but the artist's style and charisma made the music video seem creative on a very low budget. He used a different perspective by hiding out of the frame and popping in multiple times. The simple props used in this iconic low budget music video make it more real and effortless to watch.

  • Short Skirt/Long Jacket by Cake (2001)

After a long time of conflict and trials to fit into the budget, the artist decided to shoot something simple. He shot random pedestrians on the street, passing by each other, and asked some people to review it. He took these clips and edited them with many dynamic cuts to show people singing and dancing along with the music and creative camera movements.

  • Yellow by Coldplay (2000)

One of the most iconic videos, delivering an equal and perfect balance of sorrow and joy, was meant to be shot differently with another concept in mind. Nature's intervention worked out well for the lead singer Chris Martin as it started to rain right before the shoot began. Martin decided to shoot himself walking on the beach and expressing his emotions in the lyrics. Although different, his vision played an important role in making the video a huge success as it greatly impacted the audience. 

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