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Buying Guide: How to Choose Portable Keyboards

Are you embarking on your musical education and looking for a keyboard or a seasoned one who is in search of a high-quality keyboard? Whatever it may be, choosing a keyboard is always a tricky task, especially when there is a broad range of portable keyboards ranging from basic digital pianos, simple MIDI controllers to high-priced keyboard workstations. 

Before diving in, it is essential to enhance your knowledge so that you can make a wise decision. This guide will help you figure out various functions, features, and more that will best suit your requirements and budget. 

Benefits of Using Portable Keyboards 

Technology has evolved a lot since the early years of portable keyboards . And the fantastic benefits of these keyboards are tempting even acoustic piano enthusiasts. 

  • New-age technology 
  • High-quality sound
  • Don't need tuning
  • Same touch as acoustic pianos 
  • Different instrument sounds 
  • Smart accompaniments 
  • Background rhythms 
  • recording capabilities

4 Things to Consider When Buying Keyboards 

How to Choose Portable Keyboards

Choosing a keyboard from so many choices is not a matter of a joke. So, before you spend your hard-earned money on this, consider these things - 

  • Sound 

  • It may seem like a  no-brainer, but you need to pay close attention to this. While the speakers and the internal sound library are the primary sound output of the piano, headphones are a crucial thing to check, especially if you want to perform in front of your family and friends. 

  • MIDI connectivity 

  • MIDI connectivity plays a more significant role than you can assume. It is creating opportunities that were unheard of and unexplored before. So, if you want to compose music, you should look for a keyboard that comes with MIDI connectivity. It will boost your creativity and allow you to use millions of high-quality sounds. So, double-checking it is a must for you.


  • Polyphony 

  • Another term to stumble upon when choosing a keyboard. It refers to the number of notes one can play simultaneously without notes being cut off early. As long as you have at least 64 notes of polyphony, you are fine regardless of the piece you perform. Generally, the entry-level keyboards have a lower polyphony count. But this is enough for beginners in most cases. 

  • Portability 

  • Based on the way you use the keyboard, you need to pick an option from various choices for portable keyboards online . If you are gigging musician who always needs to move from here to there, then a lightweight, compact digital keyboard can meet your needs. On the flip, if you want to fix it in a place, then a cabinet style will be a great choice for you. 


    5 Best Keyboards That You Can Buy

    With modifications and improvements in software emulation technology, keyboards sound and feel good nowadays. And when it comes to choosing a portable keyboard, you have plenty of options to choose from. To make the task easier, here, we have listed down the best portable keyboards for you - 


    1. Yamaha NP-12B Portable Keyboard 

    It is a high-quality, lightweight and user-friendly keyboard that is known for maximum control and comfort. The 61key NP-12 has classic styling, waterfall fronted keys, and comes with battery power, headphones, 2x5 W amplifiers, MIDI I/O, and sustain pedal. 

    • Built-in stereo speaker system
    • One-touch recording
    • Advanced Wave Memory 
    • Piano-preset songs
    • Auto Power-Off mode 

    2. Casio PX-770 Privia 

    It is one of the best mid-range keyboards that is known for brilliant performances. Available in three colors - black, brown, and white, it has a slim and modern design and some amazing features. It includes 88 keys, 128 notes, three-foot pedals, triple-sensor graduated hammer-action, song playback with 60 internal songs, half-damper pedalling, and more. It is good value for money and the ideal option for a home pianist. 

    • Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR
    • Unparalleled speed and accuracy
    • Powerful stereo amplification system
    • Duet mode to allow teacher and student to sit at the same instrument 
    • Concert play to play along with recordings 

    3. Roland RD-88 Keyboard 

    Roland, a name that is synonymous with trustworthiness, has packed their latest stage piano, RD-88, with RD sound. Get the premium ivory feel of Roland's PHA-4 Standard weighted action with escapement, next-gen ZEN-Core sound engine with SuperNATURAL acoustic and more. The interface that comes with hands-on real-time controls and three zones is quick and easy to use. 

    • Lightweight and compact
    • Easy-to-use interface 
    • Zone Multi-effects: 3 systems, 90 types
    • 2-way stereo speaker system (6W/channel)
    • 3 Parts; 3,000+ Tones, 400 Scenes

    4. Nord Piano 4

    Builds upon the excellence of its predecessor, it is a great keyboard that brings you across-the-board improvements. And the exciting features of the keyboard includes seven split points with optional crossfades, seamless program-change transitions, 120-note polyphony, 88 keys, distortion effects, and more. It is virtually an industry-standard stage keyboard that makes it a top choice. 

    • Established technology 
    • Distinctive looking 
    • Superb sounds 
    • No pitch or mod wheels 

    5. Roland RP501R 

    Another great choice for you. This digital piano offers a wealth of features, including Bluetooth connectivity to iPad/Android piano apps and onboard rhythm accompaniment. Besides, the dynamic keyboard feel and responsive, authentic sound will amaze you. Affordable price, premium features, and a robust cabinet make it the true boon of your family. 

    • Authentic tone 
    • Acclaimed digital technology 
    • High-resolution touch 
    • multi-dimensional sound experience 
    • Great for intermediate players 

    6. Alesis Recital Pro 

    Learning the keyboard is a breeze when you use this premier hammer-action keyboard with adjustable touch response. It has 12 onboard voices that can be split to spice up your performance. And they sound astounding through integrated 20-watt speakers. This keyboard can be divided into two zones with the same voice and pitch. 

    • A sustain pedal input
    • Built-in metronome
    • 10 piano demo, 12 voice demo songs
    • Full-size hammer-action keys

    Compare the features of these portable keyboards and pick the one that can meet your needs effectively. And if you are looking for a platform, then choose Music Majlis, a leading e-commerce platform that wants to empower musicians, DJs and producers with a wide variety of fair price and friendly music instruments. Explore our products and place your order now! 

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