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Back to School 2022 Music Instrument Bundle Deal

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Legends start early!

As parents we all want to ensure that our children get the best life exposure and experiences they possibly can during their early years. Learning about various topics, subjects, interactions and life experiences is extremely essential to shape their future as they move on and get older. A child’s ability to grasp basic learning fundamentals on any given subject is a lot quicker than most adults can at a later stage. A 10 year old child’s ability to initially learn to ride a bicycle would progress a lot quicker than a 30 year old adult attempting it for the first time! 

It is often a good practice to experiment, introduce and encourage varied extracurricular activities to your children during their days at school itself. Activities such as dancing, singing, elocution, acting, sports, creative arts, crafts and so on help nourish a child’s growth and life experience as they grow older. It is imperative to understand the direction that your child is choosing to explore so that as a parent you could help your child further pursue their interest in the path that they feel confident of exploring.

Learning a music instrument is one such beautiful experiment to invest time and effort into at an early stage. Discovering your child’s hidden musical talent can be really exhilarating to watch unfold as you will notice a rise in their overall creativity, confidence, co-ordination, listening skills and even virtues like patience.

Popular music instruments such as guitars, keyboards, drums and pianos are a great place to start for kids. Basic fundamentals in music such as rhythm and melody are learned when you pick up a music instrument. These fundamentals not only help your child enforce discipline but also develop their listening skills as they progress onwards with their instrument. Let us try to understand some of these Music instruments


Acoustic & Classical Guitars

An acoustic guitar is a great backing instrument that guides you into singing your songs in tune with a decent sense of rhythm. It is a preferred choice for those who like strumming chords to vocal performances. It is popularly seen as an accompanying instrument. You can certainly take this guitar to your solo/duet/group singing competitions at school performances.


The hand co-ordination required to play an acoustic guitar would certainly boost a child’s dexterity.  Acoustic Guitars have steel strings and so it may not go easy on your fingers when you just begin to play. There could be bleeding and cuts at an initial stage but that is what any guitar player would endure at the start of their learning.

An acoustic guitar can be heard almost anywhere without amplification, it is usually a great choice for those who like to keep it simple. A Semi-Acoustic Guitar or an Acoustic-Electric Guitar can further extend amplification for live performances as it offers connectivity to amplify its sound. 

A Classical guitar is pretty much similar to an Acoustic but has nylon strings instead of steel with a wider fretboard. Classical guitars support a plucking style of playing as opposed to a strumming style of playing when compared with Acoustic Guitars. Unlike an acoustic guitar this instrument is not very conducive to being an accompanying instrument and is more suited for players who want to pursue playing solo pieces of classical music.

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Digital Pianos

A digital piano is a very immersive and inspiring instrument. Unlike guitars these are not portable and are more suited to be placed in your home on a stand/table like a piece of furniture. Digital Pianos with 88 keys have the entire music scale of around 8 octaves whereas guitars usually are limited to around 3-4 Octaves. Digital pianos save a lot of space in comparison to Acoustic Grand Pianos. They do replicate a similar sounding experience as they are modelled to sound like their mothership!

Any kid that chooses to pursue learning a Digital Piano would probably be taught to read score sheets and pieces of classical music. Understanding music theory is a must for those venturing into learning to play Digital Pianos. The ability to cite read music and play in sync with both hands is a very demanding skill set that requires a lot of physical and mental co-ordination.

Digital Pianos offer a linear form of musical expression and are often very calming and inspiring to listen to. On many occasions you may use all 10 fingers to play pieces of music on different keys. You must know that the action on Digital Pianos might require a lot of finger pressure since the keys are a lot heavier in comparison to their Keyboard counterparts. Digital Pianos help stretch your finger muscles and improve muscle memory; they often require a high level of discipline and patience on a consistent basis.

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Keyboards are the most popular choice for many kids aspiring to pick up a music instrument. Unlike Acoustic guitars and Digital Pianos, Keyboards are really easy on the fingers thanks to the lightweight keys that make playing music a breeze! Keyboards are mostly manufactured in 5 octaves (61 keys) and 8 octaves (88 keys) They do save up on space and are pretty compact and portable when compared to Digital Pianos. Keyboards can produce tones of a varied bunch of music instruments. Keyboards can emulate the sounds of Pianos, Guitars, Violins, Trumpets, Saxaphones, Flutes, Bassoons, Drum kits, Percussion and many more Instruments and sound effects as well. The versatility of Keyboards will excite kids to try out different sounds and instruments and get creative with their playing by having access to a large gamut of instrument sounds and tones.

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Electronic Drum Kits

Acoustic Drum kits are often perceived as loud instruments that disturb the neighbors and hence many beginners preferred to choose other instruments instead. The introduction of Electronic Drum Kits completely changed this notion and as a result learning to play the Drums is now far less challenging than it once used to be. The best part about Electronic Drum Kits is that no matter how loud you hit the kit you can control the volume without disturbing the neighbors. The rubber pads on these kits help contain the sound while the sounds of the drums are electronically produced to sound like a real Acoustic Drum kit.

Playing the drums does require a lot of hand and leg co-ordination and enables you to develop a very high sense of rhythm. A high level of focus, discipline with an in-depth sense of timing are the rudimentary skills one needs to play Electronic Drum Kits.

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Now that you are all set let’s make a choice!

  1. Choose your favorite instrument among the ones below
  • Acoustic & Classical Guitar
  • Digital Pianos
  • Keyboards
  • Electronic Drum Kits
  1. Click on the link below to find your favorite model
  1. Check out the bundle deal to know more 
  1. Enjoy a discounted price on your product in addition to your Freebie/s


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