Tech 21


Tech 21 YYZ Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp YYZ Pedal

A multi-functional problem-solving bass box
Bordering an almost ridiculous feature set, this Tech 21 SansAmp YYZ is made to be adaptable for any situation. From being able to record directly into your computer, to running previously recorded tracks through it, and altering tones in the studio. You can throw this directly into a PA or into a separate power amp in a live setting and get amazing results. This small box can almost fit in your pocket, making the YYZ Bass Pre one of the best problem-solving bass units available.

Grind for days

Between the mix and the drive controls, you can get a gnarly, phat tube-like saturation to a deep and clean studio sounding bass. With a myriad of tweaking, you can hone into your sound and get exactly what you want. Colossal bass tones are achievable so it's worth spending time with this little box. And that's no bad thing.

Powerful active three-band EQ

An active tone stack allows you to cut and boost at specific frequencies without affecting any other part of the spectrum (depending on how wide the 'Q' is). This means if it is just a bit more bottom end you need you can easily add it, and keep your mids and treble unaffected. Tech 21 then added a 'Tight' button which works to focus your sound. If you are running this pedal clean you can expect a little more note definition and attack. With it overdriven a 'snappiness' becomes apparent, making the amp sound like it's reacting quicker to each note.


  • Model: Tech 21 SansAmp Geddy Lee YYZ
  • Input: 1/4"
  • Outputs: 1/4"
  • Switching: Custom Footswitch Actuators
  • Power: 9V DC Power Supply
  • Current Draw: 200mA
  • Weight: 0.8 KG