Tech 21


Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver V2 DI Pedal

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Much more than just a direct box, the SansAmp Bass Driver DI is capable of dialing up big vintage tube tones, bright modern slap sounds, gnarly distortions, and all in between. Three different outputs to drive power amps, recording desks, PA mixers, or simply enhance your current rig. Controls include Presence for definition and upper harmonic content; Blend to combine the proportion of direct signal and SansAmp circuitry; and active EQ specifically tuned for bass with 12dB of cut or boost.

What's New With The V2 Version?

  • -20db signal pad (cut) on the XLR o/p
  • +10db signal boost on the Jack o/p
  • A new Mid control with selectable EQ point on the mid freq - 500hz/1000hz
  • Bass control now with selectable EQ point on bass freq - 40hz/80hz


  • PRESENCE: controls the amount of definition and upper harmonic content.
  • DRIVE: adjusts the overall gain structure and overdrive.
  • LEVEL: regulates the XLR and effected 1/4" output levels.
  • BLEND: allows you to mix the direct bass signal with SansAmp Tube Amplifier Emulation circuitry (which is particularly useful for basses equipped with piezo pickups).
  • BASS & TREBLE: are active EQ controls, specifically tuned for bass guitar, that cut or boost +/- 12dB.