ROLI Touch Block

The ROLI Touch Block puts eight crucial functions right where you need them, including controls for various sensitivity parameters as well as parameter locks. It's perfect when you're exploring the huge range of sounds your Seaboard and Blocks offer for example, press the Strike Lock button when you want all notes to play at the same velocity level, or press the Glide Lock button to engage Portamento mode. Or quickly enter Piano Mode to remove all touch parameters besides velocity so your Seaboard Block will respond like a typical keyboard controller.

Height 0.8"
Type SeaBoard/Lightpad Block Control Module
Width: 1.9"
Color Black
Compatibility: Lightpad Block
Computer Connectivity Bluetooth LE v4.0
Depth: 3.7"
Dimensions 0.8"x1.9"x3.7"
OS Requirements - Mac iOS 9 or later, iPhone 6 or later, iPad Air or later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 10
Other I/O 6 x Magnetic DNA connectors
Power Supply Rechargeable via Lightpad Block