Flare Audio ZERO® Eco-Speakers

With a stunning, customizable design, unrivaled audio detail, and environmental conscience, meet Zero.

A new luxury loudspeaker by Flare Audio aims to disrupt commercial and domestic audio markets by offering unbeatable sound quality and clarity, using enclosure materials that are 100% recyclable.

Zero is a modular loudspeaker that can be deployed in limitless formations and is available in individual components or as one of our exemplary stereo configurations.

Customizable across sixteen colors, Zero® is the world’s first loudspeaker to use recycled paper in the fabrication of its exterior. This makes it an eco-friendly choice for those seeking to enhance their green credentials, whilst also impressing on both audio and design.

100% recyclable speaker enclosure

How Zero Raises the Audio Bar

By microscopically analyzing the science of sound, Flare Audio has rewritten the rules on speaker design. Using its own patented Space technology, Flare clamps layers of 2mm thick recycled paper between solid, milled aluminum plates with such force the paper becomes rigid as concrete. There is no acoustic wadding in the speaker to damage sound purity, and no electronic correction (EQ) is required.

Zero’s ‘pure’ sound comes from Flare’s unique Vortex technology, the layers of rigid paper sheets forming hundreds of vortices.  Acting like tiny sieves, these vortices encompass the driver, trapping sound but letting air through to release pressure slowly, enabling the driver to move freely. The result is crystal clear, accurate sound reproduction, like hearing the artist in the room, without the distortion and unwanted effects that result from traditional speaker designs.  The Zero enclosure is 100% recyclable, something that Flare creator and CEO, Davies Roberts, was determined to achieve.

High-end audio... with a conscience

“With Zero I was on a mission to produce the perfect loudspeaker that wouldn’t harm ears and wouldn’t harm the planet,” Roberts explains. “The world needs to look at how we can produce new technologies with natural fibers. We use an English paper mill which makes the greyboard from recycled paper. This is then stamped into vortices. Waste is sent back to the paper mill, creating a perfect synergy and zero waste. The metal plates are machined from solid plates of aluminum.  Any waste from the machining process is recycled, again allowing zero waste.”

Design Deity

Being able to customize the design makes Zero unique to work with from a visual as well as an audio perspective. Colour schemes, corporate branding, and the feel of a room can all be supported and enhanced using Zero’s unique customization, which can be altered on each component.
Appearing as a series of ‘floating’ circles, Zero is a modular loudspeaker available in different models, that can be deployed in limitless formations, either in individual components or in full stereo configurations. On the rear of the Zero 8.1 model, a wall mount option and diamond-shaped ‘swords’ allow the loudspeaker to be stacked in a unique and elegant way. Optional feet enable the Zero 12 or Zero 8.1 models to be shelf-mounted individually.

Technical Specification


VortexRemoves rear driver energy and internally reflected interference.

SpaceClamps paper to remove resonances



- 15mm thick
- Precision milled aluminum
- Bead blasted for a satin finish


- Made from recycled materials
- Manufactured in one of the UK's longest-serving paper mills


ZP8.1: 290.5mm x 190mm

ZP12 & ZP12B: 425mm x 190mm

ZP21: 735mm x 365mm

SENSITIVITY ZP8.1: 96/104 dB @ 1w @ 1m
ZP12B: 96 dB 1 W @ 1 m @ 2π
ZP21: 98 dB 1 W @ 1 m @ ZN
POWER ZP8.1:250/50 W AES
700 W AES
1600 W AES

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