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IK Multimedia iRig Video Creator Bundle

Audio-visual Upgrade for Your Phone-based Video Studio
If you're still streaming and shooting from your phone alone, chances are your setup needs an upgrade. Put your best face forward online YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, or Instagram with the iRig Video Creator Bundle from IK Multimedia. This package includes all the tools you need to frame up, shape up, and clean up your video with better lighting, shots, and audio. It's all possible with the iKlip Grip Pro. This handy camera stand is actually four essential camera mounts in one. And paired with the included 6" LED ring light, it's perfect for bringing the focus onto yourself or your subject. Strap on the included iRig lav mic for crisp, room-rejecting dialog. Then start and stop your shots remotely using the include Bluetooth shutter control. Don't miss your chance to nail that critical first impression; pair up your iPhone or smartphone* with the iRig Video Creator Bundle from MusicMajlis and take command of your online presence.
*Compatible with iOS devices and smartphones that have 3.5" 6" screens

What's Included

4-in-1 phone mount with shutter control
IK Multimedia's iKlip Grip Pro is four essential camera accessories rolled into one. For starters, it's a super-stable tabletop tripod for your hot shoe-equipped camera or standard smartphone. But collapse the legs and take it into your hand, and the iKlip Grip Pro becomes a gimbal-type camera stabilizer for steadying distance shots and motion-heavy video. But that's not all. Extend the downtube, and the iKlip Grip Pro converts into a capable selfie stick for capturing above-the-crowd images and video. Remove the clamp, and the iKlip Grip Pro becomes a phone adapter for any standard camera tripod. A clip-on removable Bluetooth shutter control allows you to snapshots and start/stop the video from a distance.

TRRS lavalier mic
It's easy to capture high-quality vocal recordings with the iRig Mic Lavalier condenser microphone. Just add the included windscreen and clip, attach the iRig Mic Lavalier to your clothing, connect the TRRS jack to your iOS or Android device, and you're ready to record to virtually any audio app. There's even a headphone output for monitoring your recordings. We're often asked at MusicMajlis how to capture better vocal recordings on portable devices, and the IK Multimedia iRig Mic Lavalier is a great solution when you need to keep your hands free.

6" LED ring light
Ask anyone in photography and they'll tell you: lighting is one of the most critical ingredients in nailing a shot. IK Multimedia's 6" LED ring light mounts directly to your iKlip Grip Pro tripod, giving you a wide color range and variable brightness so you can come across in any environment. Take it from content creators at MusicMajlis if you're looking for an instant upgrade to your video setup, the iRig Video Creator Bundle hits all the right notes.
Note: LED ring light is USB powered and requires a battery pack or USB power supply

IK Multimedia iRig Video Creator Bundle Features:
Audio-visual upgrade for your phone-based video studio
Perfect for streaming video online
iKlip Grip Pro tripod stand is four essential camera accessories rolled into one
Included Bluetooth shutter control lets you start/stop video remotely
iRig Mic Lavalier condenser mic with windscreen and mounting clip delivers clean, crisp audio
6" LED ring light with variable color/brightness mounts directly to your tripod

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number: CB-MICLAVGP-HCD-IN