Behringer Studio XL High-End Studio Control and Communication Center
Behringer Studio XL High-End Studio Control and Communication Center
Behringer Studio XL High-End Studio Control and Communication Center



Behringer Studio XL High-End Studio Control and Communication Center

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Behringer Studio XL High-End Studio Control and Communication Center - STUDIOXL

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Behringer Studio XL High-End Studio Control and Communication Center

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  • Premium, ultra-low noise and high headroom studio control and communication center
  • All-in-one master volume controller, source selector, monitor switcher and talkback box
  • 2 state-of-the-art, Midas mic preamplifiers with +48 V phantom power
  • Audiophile 192 kHz 2x4 USB audio interface, perfect for computer-based studios
  • True VCA control for extremely precise level control and stereo tracking
  • 6 inputs with level controls plus additional aux mix input and USB monitoring from your DAW
  • 3 independent and adjustable monitor outputs to connect up to 3 sets of studio monitors
  • Versatile talkback options with built-in and external microphone input with footswitch and level control
  • Convenient mono, mute and dim functions right at your fingertips
  • 2 powerful headphone amplifiers with separate volume controls and source select switches
  • Zero-latency direct monitoring with controlled blending between direct inputs and cue mix sources
  • Quick-access aux input to connect your smartphone and music player for reference tracks
  • High-precision dual LED meters for perfect level overview



Did you know that Midas is one of the most recognized brands used by audio professionals around the world? Now you can get the gear the pros use! The STUDIO XL comes with two state-of-the-art Midas microphone preamplifiers with +48 V phantom power, ultra-low noise, high gain and audiophile quality.

The STUDIO XL is the ideal solution for home or professional studios, or as part of a larger setup. Premium, ultra-low noise components and high headroom lets your music shine at its best – this is especially true for one of the most critical sources: Vocals! 

Crystal Clear Signal Path at 192 kHz
The STUDIO XL is more than just a monitor controller – we added one of the best USB audio interfaces with the highest possible resolution and lowest latency. Full 192 kHz sampling rate at a clear 24-bit resolution will make you smile listening to the crisp and astonishing sound you’ll get.

With the STUDIO XL, you won’t have to worry about any USB noise or hum. A super-quiet USB I/O with up to 8 dB less noise than other audio interfaces on the market, while the lower output impedance on the STUDIO XL allows for even higher output volume.

VCA-Control – Not Just a Volume Knob
Unlike the typical and inexpensive potentiometers used by our competitors, the STUDIO XL utilizes high-end Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) technology. While conventional monitor controllers directly pass the signal through the volume potentiometer, the STUDIO XL controls a separate high-precision amplifier circuit that drives the volume change. This gives perfect stereo and phase coherency, precision level adjustment, accurate sound and no quality degradation over time.

Our really big dial allows you to make precise adjustments with ease and set levels fast and accurately – critical to the final sound when it comes to mixing and mastering.

The All-In Device
The STUDIO XL integrates seamlessly into your existing setup. You can even make it the center piece of your studio. Thanks to the built-in audio interface and Midas microphone pre-amps it becomes an all-in-one recording solution, just add your computer and you’re ready to go.

Instantly switch between audio sources, USB and monitor outputs. The large volume knob makes it easy to dial-in the perfect level every time, without having to reach for your mixer – or your mouse. Now you can create powerful, custom monitor mixes. Plus, the built-in Talkback mic lets you communicate directly with the talent.

More Monitor Options
Today’s recordings must sound great everywhere: in the car, at home, on your cell phone, soundbar, Bluetooth speakers and in the club – It’s essential experience your mix through as many speaker systems as possible.

The ultra-convenient STUDIO XL lets you switch between 3 independent pairs of studio monitors – each with individual level adjustments. Listen through studio monitors (such as Behringer B2031A, MS16 or Tannoy GOLD 5), or any other combination – at the mere press of a button!

Connections Matter
The STUDIO XL comes with three pairs of input connectors, additional Aux Mix stereo input, and a 3.5 mm (1/8”) stereo input on the front for connecting a smartphone or music player, as well as three pairs of high-quality outputs to connect your favorite monitor speakers.

The first 2 inputs can be fed by a line source or any type of microphone, in any combination – operating in dual mono or stereo-link mode. Not to mention the 2-Track and Studio/Phones Amp outputs which can be used for a variety of applications. Connect a 2-track digital recorder, an additional soundcard, mixer, headphones distribution amplifier or whatever you require.

Let’s Communicate
You can select between an internal or external mic to talk to the talent in the isolation booth. The STUDIO XL’s high-quality, built-in microphone is just a button push away. There's even a Talkback Footswitch option that frees up your hands and lets you concentrate on what's important, the music. The onboard headphone amplifier section lets you connect 2 pairs of headphones with individual level controls and a separate source selector, which will make the next session one of your best.

Not to forget, the STUDIO XL also comes with the most important switches exactly where you need them – right at your fingertips. Mono and Mute buttons and even a Dim switch which instantly reduces the signal going to the monitor speakers by 20 dB. Perfect for momentarily lowering the volume to talk to someone without moving the knob.

High Quality, Best Value
We designed the STUDIO XL to provide many years of super-clean, high-fidelity performance in the most critical listening environment – yours! Built from the highest-grade components, the STUDIO XL is the perfect way to add a lot more convenience into your current studio setup.


2 x Midas designed
2 x XLR / TRS combo connector (mic/line)
Line inputs
4 x 1/4" TRS, balanced or unbalanced, +4/-10 dB (Input 5/6 only)
1 x 1/8" TRS stereo (input 5/6)
Mic: 3 kΩ / Line: 1 MΩ
Maximum input level
+22 dBu
Talkback input
1 x XLR
1 x 1/4" TRS
5 stereo
Line outputs
10 x 1/4" TRS, balanced or unbalanced
Headphone outputs
2 x 1/4" TRS stereo
Maximum output level +22 dBu
Class compliant USB 2.0, type B
Supported operating systems
Windows 10/ Mac OS X 10.14 or higher
2 in / 4 out
Converter resolution
Supported sample rate
44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192 kHz
Talkback Section

Output level
-∞ to +10 dB
Talkback level
-∞ to max
Talkback destination
2 track or cue
Talkback input
Internal (mic) or external (XLR)
Footswitch  Activates talkback
Phantom power
+48 V (inputs 1/2)
High-precision stereo tracking VCA volume control 0 - 100%
Playback controls
Mono, Mute, Dim
Monitor select
A, B, C
Input 1/2
48 V on/off, Stereo on/off, 1/2 (channel select) on/off
Input 3/4
-12 to +12 dB Trim, 3/4 (channel select) on/off
Input 5/6
-12 to +12 dB Trim, 5/6 (channel select) on/off
USB input
USB (channel select) on/off
-60 dB
-20 dB
Cue source
Aux Mix, Source, USB 3/4
Studio outs
-∞ to max, on/off
Direct monitoring
Inputs to Cue blend
Phones 1/2
Level control -∞ to max, individual source select
Frequency response
20 Hz to 20 kHz (±0.5 dB)
Signal-to-noise ratio <-90 dBu RMS, un-weighted
Distortion (THD+N) <0.01% @ 1 kHz, unity gain, 4 dBu input
<-60dB @ 1 kHz, unity gain, 4 dBu input
Power Requirements

Mains voltage
100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power supply
12 V DC 2000 mA
Power consumption
18 W max

Standard operating temperature range
5° C – 45° C (41° F – 113° F)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
80 x 328 x 163 mm (3.15 x 12.91 x 6.42")
1.8 kg (3.97 lbs)

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