Wireless Digital Microphone System

Behringer ULM300USB Wireless USB MIcrophone System

Dhs. 453.60

AKG MINI2VOC-US25AB Dual-Channel Mini Wireless Vocal System

Dhs. 785.52

Alesis Miclink Wireless Digital Microphone Adapter

Dhs. 294.00Dhs. 420.00

Shure BLX14UK/W85X-K14 Lavalier System with WL185

Dhs. 1,485.00

Audio-Technica ATW-2120ADUK Hand-held Wireless System

Dhs. 1,469.00

Audio-Technica ATW-13F Wireless Microphone System

Dhs. 749.00

Audio-Technica ATW-1302 Digital Wireless System

Dhs. 1,849.00

Audio-Technica ATW-11F/PRO-8HECW UHF Wireless System

Dhs. 899.00

Audio-Technica ATW-11F-Lapel Bundle

Dhs. 849.00
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