Studio Mixers & Control Surfaces
Musicmajlis has a comprehensive selection of Control Surfaces and Mixers to make your job at the studio so much easier! Choose from industry renown brands and find the best control surface for your studio today!

Studio Mixers & Control Surfaces

Behringer X Touch Mini Usb Controller

Dhs. 207.90Dhs. 346.50

TC-Helicon GO XLR USB Streaming Mixer

Dhs. 1,449.00Dhs. 2,415.00

Behringer X AIR XR18 Digital Mixer

Dhs. 2,688.00

Behringer WING 48-channel Digital Mixer

Dhs. 18,060.00

Dynacord CMS 1600-3 16‑channel Compact Mixing System

Dhs. 8,342.00

Dynacord CMS 1000-3 10‑channel Compact Mixing System

Dhs. 6,853.00

Yamaha CSDR7 - Digital Mixing Console

Dhs. 357,945.00

Yamaha CS-R10-S Digital Mixing Console

Dhs. 211,937.25

Yamaha CS-R10 Digital Mixing Console

Dhs. 343,896.00
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