Drum Pad

Drum pads offer a more compact setup that allows you to customize and utilize a number of samples present within the pad or any given samples in your personal library. Their rubber tops offer great feel and superb responsiveness to impacts, calculating velocity information on the fly. Brands like AlesisNordRoland, and Yamaha offer the best in the world of electronic percussion pads. Contact us for recommendations.

Is a drum pad a percussive practice pad, or a sample controller?
Even though sometimes the names may get switched, an electronic drum pad(s) is an electronic controller or sampler that can be used to replace or upgrade acoustic drums whereas a percussion practice pad is an effective tool for drummers to practice or warm-up before performances.

Can I add an electronic drum pad to my kit?
You can most definitely add an electronic drum pad to an existing kit (acoustic or electric). An electronic drum pad added to an acoustic kit can greatly enhance and add versatility to your playing experience. 

What sounds are playable on drum pads?
A drum pad can play any samples loaded on to it or if used as a controller, any sounds on a DAW.