Denon DJ

Denon is a Japanese-based electronics company started by an American entrepreneur, Frederick Whitney Horn, in 1910. Initially, they were focussed on designing and manufacturing cylinder studio media and the relevant players. But eventually, they started manufacturing high-fidelity professional and consumer audio equipment. Denon made Japan's first professional disc recorder and used it to record Emperor Hirohito's voice. For many decades, Denon was a brand name of Nippon-Columbia, including the Nippon Columbia record label. By 1993, Denon had already developed and refined the twin-deck DJ CD player. Currently, they’ve launched the Prime Series, which has taken the DJ market by storm. The Prime Series is a stern competitor of the industry standard, Pioneer. The Denon range has DJ Controllers, Media Players, and Mixers. 

DJ Controllers
DJ Controllers are a portable evolution of DJ de...