AKG is an acoustics engineering and manufacturing company founded in 1947 by Dr Rudolf Gorike and Ernest Plass in Vienna, Austria. Originally, its main business was to provide technical equipment for cinemas: loudspeakers, film projectors and light meters. The business slowly expanded, and AKG started selling car horns, door intercoms, carbon microphone capsules for telephones, headsets and cushion speakers. 

The first AKG microphone was used by radio stations, theatres, jazz clubs and lounges. Years later, AKG’s condenser microphones are still highly coveted by most musicians. AKG produces the world-renowned C414 multipattern condenser microphone. Despite its steep pricing, the quality and warmth provided by the C414 are unrivalled, especially in its price range. Interestingly, it can be used to record both vocals and instruments without hassle. It has advanced features like three switchabl...